Professional Development

Professional Development

The C SPEAK Project has afforded CPS critical language teachers the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of professional development activities. Professionals renowned in Foreign Language circles have conducted workshops to promote critical language teachers’:

  • Understanding of the importance of international education
  • Identifying opportunities for integrating international context into teaching activities
  • Creating models to be shared with peers
  • Using technology for immersion and making international connections

LinguaFolio Workshops

Introduced and familiarized participants with the new online student self-assessment tool, LinguFolio.

The session:

  • Covered the theoretical basis for LinguaFolio
  • Demonstrated the features of the LinguaFolio Online tool
  • Outlined implementation strategies and logistics
  • Included time for teacher interaction

(Center for Applied Second Language Studies: Krystal Sundstrom)

Foreign Language Teaching Strategies Workshops

Modeled current foreign language instructional practices and strategies and provided opportunities for role-play experiences for the purpose of achieving higher student foreign language proficiency levels.

(National Foreign Language Center: Dr. Myriam Met)

Curriculum Development Workshops

Observed current instructional practices and assisted in building on these practices.

Trainers directed and guided work on development of thematic units and lesson plans in on-site work sessions and observed the implementation of the products in on-site coaching sessions.

(Miami University: Martha Castaneda & Jeannie Ducher)

Foreign Language Immersion Workshops

Introduction to highly successful foreign language immersion strategies.

Participants were introduced to what is currently accepted as best practices in the field and were given opportunity to role-play to achieve in-depth understanding of the advantages of the immersion approach. They worked on incorporating these tactics into current lesson plans. The instructor focused on high-yield instructional strategies that would lead to improvement of student proficiency levels.

(Concordia Language Villages: Donna Clementi)

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conferences

Attended ACTFL Conference as a means of learning about resources and strategies in the teaching of foreign languages.

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Annual Convention and World Languages Expo brings together more than 5,000 teachers, administrators, method instructors and students of foreign languages at all levels from across the world. The convention features over 600 educational sessions on such topics as:

  • Assessment, Culture
  • Curriculum
  • Learner Variables
  • Literature
  • Materials
  • Methods/Techniques
  • Policy/Issues
  • Professional Development
  • Research
  • Specific Purposes
  • Standards and Technology

ZON Workshops

Introduction to interactive Chinese language learning tool, ZON, through hands-on and question time covering the ZON application and management.

(Michigan State University Confucius Institute: Ruhui Ni)

Tech Tuesdays

A series of hands-on workshops offered bi-weekly throughout the school year to familiarize foreign language and English Language Learning teachers with technology tools and resources newly available to them.

The programs include:

  • LinguaFolio (self-assessment language portfolio)
  • Rosetta Stone (language acquisition)
  • DynEd (ELL language acquisition)
  • SCOLA (educational television programming from around the world via satellite, cable, and the Internet)
  • ZON (interactive Chinese language acquisition)

Participants experience the tools firsthand and learn how to incorporate them into their curriculums.

(C SPEAK Technologist-in-Residence: Dawn Miklavcic)