Ways to Fundraise

Box Tops 4 Education

Our school can earn money by saving box top labels from numerous products. Turn labels into homeroom teacher or Ms. Luckey.

Clever Crazes

The Mission of Clever Crazes for Kids is to build healthy lives for children and their families. We incorporate reading comprehension and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with a primary focus on nutrition, physical activity, self-esteem and environmental sustainability (living green). We have engaged "edu-tainment" principles. We believe that there is a golden thread that weaves through our four main educational areas of nutrition, physical activity, self-esteem/bullying, and environmental sustainability. These objectives enable us to make healthy living a fun part of every-day life for young people.

Every Week

  • $500 awarded to a top scoring school with the highest percentage of registered participants*
  • $100 awarded to one school with the highest score (playing as a team with one computer)*
  • 36 $10 gift cards awarded to top-scoring kids*

Every Month

  • 108 pairs of cool gym shoes awarded to winning kids in the “step it up and kickstart your brain” challenge.
  • So far, AWL has won $1500 for our school, 7 students have won $10 iTunes gift cards and 19 students have won Nike shoes for Step it Up! Log on today

Foreign Language Immersion Camp — "Live-a-Language"

The cost for one student to attend the two week Concordia Language Villages Youth Immersion Camp including transportation (air), registration and room and board is: $2,000.

The students and teachers from the two schools teaching Mandarin Chinese are working diligently to organize fund raisers, but sponsorships and donations from outside organizations and individuals will be essential to earning the amount needed for 15 students to attend the Villages this summer.

Participating Schools:

  • Hughes STEM High School
  • Withrow University High School


  • International Cookbook (March 2012-ongoing) — Delectable Dishes: Our Favorite Recipes from Four Fascinating Cuisines. Critical language students and teachers have identified their favorite Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern and Slavic/Eurasian recipes and compiled them in an attractive spiral bound cookbook. Students and C SPEAK team members are selling them for a minimum $10 donation at a number of venues.