C SPEAK Project Tools

C SPEAK Foreign Language Assistance Program

The purpose of the C SPEAK Project is to strengthen and build on Cincinnati Public School's existing K-8 programs in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian in order to create a pathway through post-secondary education. This pathway will lead to students obtaining a proficiency level of superior as measured by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) performance guidelines for K-12 learners. Through MyTomorrow techonolgy students are also able to utilize Rosetta Stone program.

Language Learning Tools and Resources

In order to successfully implement the C SPEAK Project the following critical language learning tools and resources are available for critical language teachers and students.


SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization that receives and re-transmits television programming from around the world in native languages and provides language learning content on its website. C SPEAK is using SCOLA to help students learn about other cultures, languages and ideologies. This resource implements technology as a tool in overcoming barriers to global understanding.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is language learning software being used by critical language teachers and students to complement classroom curriculum. It allows students to work independently in building basic speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing skills. The program advances students to the next level when they achieve a level of proficiency as defined by the teacher.

LinguaFolio Online

C SPEAK has adopted the LinguaFolio Online portfolio self-assessment tool. LinguaFolio offers students the opportunity to collect and present evidence to demonstrate their communicative abilities. It documents intercultural experiences and reflections that enhance language learning and cultural understanding. Students will use LinguaFolio Online throughout their language careers as a means of reflecting on their learning process. LinguaFolio encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Chinese Your Way

Chinese I and II students at Hughes STEM HS are studying Chinese through an online program, Chinese Your Way designed by the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University (CIMSU) and created by its partner China Central Radio and Television University.  Chinese Your Way 1A and 1B each contain eight travel logs written from the first person point of view of a teenage traveller in China. The program integrates a mixed mode language learning called "English Ordered Chinese," which allows students to remain at their comfort level and while picking up Chinese grammar and vocabulary. Chinese Your Way has thousands of interactive multimedia and video language encounters.  


Hughes STEM online Chinese students have been introduced to a Chinese learning game which has been integrated into their regular online program, Zon.

Zon is a multiplayer, online learning environment designed to teach Chinese language and culture through gameplay. As a web-based site, ZON provides real-time, on-demand connection to interactive learning activities and authentic cultural information. ZON is a virtual environment where the community of Chinese language learners can connect, practice their language skills and learn about the Chinese culture. Students can participate in tutoring sessions, live classes or practice one on one with other players. Every item in ZON has information attached, allowing students to explore culture and language at their own pace.

Avant STAMP Assessments

C SPEAK has adopted the Avant online STAMP tests as a means of acquiring baseline proficiency data for 3rd through 12th grade critical language students.

STAMP tests are web-based assessment tools aligned to benchmarks that determine proficiency levels related to the ACTFL Performance Guidelines. They assess competency in reading, writing, listening and speaking and report scores at the novice, intermediate and advanced levels. The Web-based reporting system allows teacher-playback of all student oral-responses and the ability to review the writing responses. The tests engage students in real world scenarios and encourage them to show what they can do with language. Educators can use data to check progress, review programs and inform decisions around staff development and instructional planning.

STAMP 4S is the online, 4-skill proficiency test for students in middle school, high school, college and university. STAMP 4Se is the online proficiency test for students in grades 3 through 6.