Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Phone Email
Abaecherli-Shore, April Nurse Practitioner W-F 363-7814
Balle, Nick School Social Worker 363-7837 email staff
Bess, Shaughn Plant Operator 363-7815 email staff
Bradford, Javana Beech Acres - Family Peer Support 363-7812
Burton, Maria Lunchroom Manager 363-7898 email staff
Carter, Izariah Lunchroom 363-7898 email staff
Curran, Tom Beech Acres - Team Lead 363-7811 email staff
Davis, Melingqua Social Worker Support Specialist 363-7837 email staff
Foggie, Claudette Security Assistant 363-7800 email staff
Gray, Matt Beech Acres - Therapist 363-7893
Harper, Ciara Enrichment Program Manager 363-7838 email staff
Harris, Amy Psychologist 363-7813 email staff
Hubbard, Lynette Custodian 363-7800 email staff
Johnson, Darryl Custodian 363-7800 email staff
Kaufmann, Liz Lunchroom 363-7898
Lamar, Stephanie Lunchroom 363-7898 email staff
Lateer-Huhn, Alicia Hamilton County Coach 363-7808 email staff
Lynch, Greg Data Coach 363-7832 email staff
Mehta, Preeti Nurse Practitioner M-Tu-Th 363-7894 email staff
Quinn, Vanessa Beech Acres - TSP 363-7807 email staff
Rajbhandari, Sheryl Heartfelt Tidbits 363-7805
Reed, Tiffany Lunchroom 363-7898 email staff
Reyes-Rau, Connie Hamilton County Coach 363-7800 email staff
Santos Martinez, Lourdes Heartfelt Tidbits 363-7805 email staff
Shaw, Angela Assistant Community Coordinator 363-7846 email staff
Taleb, Yasmine Nurse 363-7821 email staff
Thomas, Joana Custodian 363-7800 email staff
Webb, Torri CHD Case Worker Associate 363-7843 email staff
Williams, Chinetta Medical Assistant 363-7843 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Phone Website Email
Ali, Amal Paraprofessional email staff
Allard, Joseph Math/Science 5th/6th 363-7873 email staff
Aloway, Akiko Japanese Foreign Language 363-7861 email staff
Backscheider, Diana Reading Specialist K-3 363-7887 email staff
Bathe, Leah Disability PreK 363-7831 email staff
Behymer, Caroline Occupational Therapist All 363-7809 email staff
Brennan, John Physical Education K-8 363-7865 email staff
Brown, Aaron Social Studies 6th - 8th Grade 363-7834 email staff
Brown, Nathan Language Arts 6th - 8th Grade 363-7835 email staff
Brown, Jacob Intervention Specialist 6th - 8th Grade 363-7830 email staff
Butler, Stephanie Paraprofessional email staff
Chambers, Carmie Math 3rd Grade 363-7884 email staff
Chana'a, Iman Arabic Foreign Language 363-7824 email staff
Chandler, Darla ELA 7th and 8th Grade 363-7829 email staff
Coe, Audrey Kindergarten 363-7817 email staff
Cooper, Cara Intervention Specialist email staff
Coyne, Laura Pre-K Teacher Pre-K 363-7810 email staff
Craig, Nyasha Paraprofessional email staff
Donaldson, Bill Paraprofessional 363-7853 email staff
Dotson, Morgan Paraprofessional email staff
Erskine, Christine ESL K - 1st Grade 363-7850 email staff
Finnell, Maria Paraprofessional Pre-K MD 363-7831 email staff
Flannery, Tonya Science/Social Studies 3rd Grade 363-7839 email staff
Grant, Sophie Intervention Specialist
Gray, Wendy Alternative Learning Center 363-7853 email staff
Gutmann, Luz Paraprofessional 1st Grade 363-7864 email staff
Halkiu, Caitlin Math 6th - 8th Grade 363-7885 email staff
Hamilton, Todd Science 6th - 8th Grade 363-7845 email staff
Han, Nicole Math/Science 6th - 8th Grade 363-7854 email staff
Hopkins, Tobi Primary MH 363-7827 email staff
Howell, Antonio Counselor 7th and 8th Grade email staff
Huston, Julia Intervention Specialist email staff
Jackson, Daryl Paraprofessional email staff
Jones, Kimberly 2nd Grade 363-7816 email staff
Kelley, Laura Intermediate MH 363-7876 email staff
King, Arpaya 2nd Grade 363-7868 email staff
Kreeger, Kathryn Art PALM 363-7844 email staff
Lathery, Christina Paraprofessional 1st Grade 363-7800 email staff
Luckey, Cindy Media Specialist All 363-7828 email staff
Lundy, Brianna Paraprofessional K 363-7889 email staff
Lundy, Charlandra Supplemental Service Teaching 6th - 8th 363-7800 email staff
Maguire, Kim 1st Grade 363-7883 email staff
Martin, Lisa 2nd Grade 363-7882 email staff
Martin-Asokere, Cassandra Paraprofessional email staff
McCartney, Ashley ELA 4th and 5th grades email staff
McCormick, Mary Paraprofessional K 363-7818 email staff
McGhee, Marcus Science/Social Studies 4th/5th Grade 363-7816 email staff
Moore, Leslie ELA 3rd Grade 363-7859 email staff
Pan, Aibo ESL 2nd/3rd Grade 363-7823 email staff
Plunkett, Alli Paraprofessional email staff
Prokosheva-Hoyle, Mariya Russian 363-7875 email staff
Recher, Allyssa PreKindergarten 363-7810 email staff
Riepenhoff, Nicole 1st Grade 363-7881 email staff
Shearer, Ryan Social Studies 7th and 8th Grade email staff
Smith, Laurie ELA 4th/5th Grade 363-7879 email staff
Smith-Monahan, Connie Paraprofessional email staff
Staun, Melissa Intervention Specialist email staff
Stern-Enzi, Jessica Speech Pathologist 363-7869 email staff
Stewart, Neil Music 363-7856 email staff
Stover, Heather 1st Grade 363-7864 email staff
Striebeck, Rebecca ESL 6th - 8th Grade 363-7830 email staff
Tapke, Katie Intervention Specialist 363-7858 email staff
Thomas, Cara 2nd Grade 363-7860 email staff
Tinker, Tiffany Paraprofessional 3rd Grade 363-7800 email staff
Tsai, Meng-wei Chinese 363-7874 email staff
Tucker, Amber Paraprofessional email staff
Ward, Tina Paraprofessional Intermediate MH 363-7827 email staff
Woodward, Angelique Math/Science 4th and 5th grades email staff
Zeis, Lauren Kindergarten 363-7818 email staff