Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Phone Email
Abaecherli-Shore, April Nurse Practitioner W-F 363-7814
Balle, Nick School Social Worker 363-7837 email staff
Bess, Shaughn Plant Operator 363-7815 email staff
Bradford, Javana Beech Acres - Family Peer Support 363-7812
Burton, Maria Lunchroom Manager 363-7898 email staff
Carter, Izariah Lunchroom 363-7898 email staff
Curran, Tom Beech Acres - Team Lead 363-7811 email staff
Davis, Melingqua Social Worker Support Specialist 363-7837 email staff
Foggie, Claudette Security Assistant 363-7800 email staff
Gray, Matt Beech Acres - Therapist 363-7893
Harper, Ciara Enrichment Program Manager 363-7838 email staff
Harris, Amy Psychologist 363-7813 email staff
Hubbard, Lynette Custodian 363-7800 email staff
Johnson, Darryl Custodian 363-7800 email staff
Kaufmann, Liz Lunchroom 363-7898
Lamar, Stephanie Lunchroom 363-7898 email staff
Lateer-Huhn, Alicia Hamilton County Coach 363-7808 email staff
Lynch, Greg Data Coach 363-7832 email staff
Mehta, Preeti Nurse Practitioner M-Tu-Th 363-7894 email staff
Quinn, Vanessa Beech Acres - TSP 363-7807 email staff
Rajbhandari, Sheryl Heartfelt Tidbits 363-7805
Reed, Tiffany Lunchroom 363-7898 email staff
Reyes-Rau, Connie Hamilton County Coach 363-7800 email staff
Santos Martinez, Lourdes Heartfelt Tidbits 363-7805 email staff
Shaw, Angela Assistant Community Coordinator 363-7846 email staff
Taleb, Yasmine Nurse 363-7821 email staff
Thomas, Joana Custodian 363-7800 email staff
Webb, Torri CHD Case Worker Associate 363-7843 email staff
Williams, Chinetta Medical Assistant 363-7843 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Gradesort descending Phone Website Email
Craig, Nyasha Paraprofessional email staff
Dotson, Morgan Paraprofessional email staff
Grant, Sophie Intervention Specialist
Huston, Julia Intervention Specialist email staff
Jackson, Daryl Paraprofessional email staff
Martin-Asokere, Cassandra Paraprofessional email staff
Prokosheva-Hoyle, Mariya Russian 363-7875 email staff
Stern-Enzi, Jessica Speech Pathologist 363-7869 email staff
Stewart, Neil Music 363-7856 email staff
Plunkett, Alli Paraprofessional email staff
Donaldson, Bill Paraprofessional 363-7853 email staff
Smith-Monahan, Connie Paraprofessional email staff
Tapke, Katie Intervention Specialist 363-7858 email staff
Staun, Melissa Intervention Specialist email staff
Gray, Wendy Alternative Learning Center 363-7853 email staff
Tsai, Meng-wei Chinese 363-7874 email staff
Ali, Amal Paraprofessional email staff
Tucker, Amber Paraprofessional email staff
Butler, Stephanie Paraprofessional email staff
Cooper, Cara Intervention Specialist email staff
Lathery, Christina Paraprofessional 1st Grade 363-7800 email staff
Maguire, Kim 1st Grade 363-7883 email staff
Riepenhoff, Nicole 1st Grade 363-7881 email staff
Stover, Heather 1st Grade 363-7864 email staff
Gutmann, Luz Paraprofessional 1st Grade 363-7864 email staff
King, Arpaya 2nd Grade 363-7868 email staff
Martin, Lisa 2nd Grade 363-7882 email staff
Thomas, Cara 2nd Grade 363-7860 email staff
Jones, Kimberly 2nd Grade 363-7816 email staff
Pan, Aibo ESL 2nd/3rd Grade 363-7823 email staff
Moore, Leslie ELA 3rd Grade 363-7859 email staff
Tinker, Tiffany Paraprofessional 3rd Grade 363-7800 email staff
Flannery, Tonya Science/Social Studies 3rd Grade 363-7839 email staff
Chambers, Carmie Math 3rd Grade 363-7884 email staff
McCartney, Ashley ELA 4th and 5th grades email staff
Woodward, Angelique Math/Science 4th and 5th grades email staff
McGhee, Marcus Science/Social Studies 4th/5th Grade 363-7816 email staff
Smith, Laurie ELA 4th/5th Grade 363-7879 email staff
Allard, Joseph Math/Science 5th/6th 363-7873 email staff
Lundy, Charlandra Supplemental Service Teaching 6th - 8th 363-7800 email staff
Brown, Aaron Social Studies 6th - 8th Grade 363-7834 email staff
Brown, Nathan Language Arts 6th - 8th Grade 363-7835 email staff
Brown, Jacob Intervention Specialist 6th - 8th Grade 363-7830 email staff
Striebeck, Rebecca ESL 6th - 8th Grade 363-7830 email staff
Halkiu, Caitlin Math 6th - 8th Grade 363-7885 email staff
Hamilton, Todd Science 6th - 8th Grade 363-7845 email staff
Han, Nicole Math/Science 6th - 8th Grade 363-7854 email staff
Howell, Antonio Counselor 7th and 8th Grade email staff
Shearer, Ryan Social Studies 7th and 8th Grade email staff
Chandler, Darla ELA 7th and 8th Grade 363-7829 email staff
Luckey, Cindy Media Specialist All 363-7828 email staff
Behymer, Caroline Occupational Therapist All 363-7809 email staff
Aloway, Akiko Japanese Foreign Language 363-7861 email staff
Chana'a, Iman Arabic Foreign Language 363-7824 email staff
Kelley, Laura Intermediate MH 363-7876 email staff
Ward, Tina Paraprofessional Intermediate MH 363-7827 email staff
Lundy, Brianna Paraprofessional K 363-7889 email staff
McCormick, Mary Paraprofessional K 363-7818 email staff
Erskine, Christine ESL K - 1st Grade 363-7850 email staff
Backscheider, Diana Reading Specialist K-3 363-7887 email staff
Brennan, John Physical Education K-8 363-7865 email staff
Coe, Audrey Kindergarten 363-7817 email staff
Zeis, Lauren Kindergarten 363-7818 email staff
Kreeger, Kathryn Art PALM 363-7844 email staff
Coyne, Laura Pre-K Teacher Pre-K 363-7810 email staff
Finnell, Maria Paraprofessional Pre-K MD 363-7831 email staff
Bathe, Leah Disability PreK 363-7831 email staff
Recher, Allyssa PreKindergarten 363-7810 email staff
Hopkins, Tobi Primary MH 363-7827 email staff