Extracurricular Activities

After-school programs and extracurricular activities provide a richer environment to help students learn and grow. At Academy of World Languages, students have access to a variety of programs and activities to explore their interests.


Library Media Center

The Library Media Center is located at the front of the building. The library is open to all students and staff. Students may use the library for checking out books, using computers, research, tutoring amongst other activities. There are 3 main objectives of the AWL library media center:

  1. Promote the love of reading
  2. Assist students in becoming informational learners
  3. Create a friendly & learning environment for our students, staff, and community

Contact: Ms. Cindy Luckey, (513) 363-7800.


Elementary (Grades K-6)

The Ohio State Department of Education does not permit organized, school-sponsored competition between schools for students in grades K-6. AWL offers team competition for their students through outside organizations such as the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY). There are also a variety of youth organizations throughout the city that focus on children below 7th grade.

Middle School Athletics (Grades 7-8)

Cincinnati Public Schools offer interscholastic competition for students in grades 7 and 8 throughout the district. At the end of the season for each sport, City Championships are held. AWL offers participation in Volleyball and Basketball.

CPS Athletics — Information for Sports Eligibility Information, Sports Physical Form, Sports Liability Waiver, Athletic Code of Conduct.