Concordia Language Villages

What are the Concordia Language Villages?

Concordia Language Villages are a series of language immersion camps where campers live with like-minded students from across the US and abroad.

Concordia is a foreign language immersion experience different from a school language study. Surroundings are designed to reflect the culture. Language is learned by doing. The Concordia Language Villages are designed to replicate a visit to students’ studied language and culture in every way including the cuisine where village chefs prepare authentic style meals.

When a student arrives at one of the Language Villages she:

  • Goes through customs
  • Has her "Passport" stamped
  • Chooses a new name
  • Makes a personalized name tag
  • Changes her US dollars into foreign currency

Where are Concordia Language Villages ?

Each language Village is located on one of Minnesota’s many pristine lakes near Fargo, North Dakota or Bemidji, Minnesota.

Does a student need to be fluent in a foreign language to attend?

The Villages are an immersion experience designed to accommodate any student with a passion to learn another language and culture, from the complete novice to the heritage speaker.

 At registration, students are informally tested and assigned to groups with similar proficiency levels. The group assignments are strictly for class periods, during activity and free times students interact with all campers.    

CPS Students at Concordia Language Villages

The summer of 2011, twenty-six Cincinnati Public School, 7th through 12th graders traveled to Northern Minnesota to attend a one week foreign language immersion session at the Concordia Language Villages.

The CPS students traveled as a chaperoned group flying from Greater Cincinnati International Airport to Fargo, North Dakota (Chinese & Japanese) or Bemidji, Minnesota (Arabic & Russian).

The cost for one student to attend one week of Immersion Camp was approximately $1,000. This included transportation (air), camp registration and room and board. More information about Concordia Language Villages